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          Go with Tatiana: Welcome to Guizhou’s Mars │來貴州看火星! ?


          Guizhou is an incredible place where you can find such awe-inspiring scenery that it seems as if you have entered a parallel dimension or another planet. Today I will show you a Guizhou landmark that is hard to believe, but it exists.



          This place is called the TongGuDang. The name alone makes it a place worth visiting. TongGuDang is a natural stone forest that has been deposited over hundreds and thousands of years. It was washed away and eventually formed into its present form. TungGuoDang is located in Longga Village, Longgong City, Huangguoshu Tourist Area, Anshun City, Guizhou Province. To see the entire stone forest in its entirety would take several hours. The whole stone forest is so big that we even felt lost.



          But the way to find this stone forest is not an easy. Surrounded by mountains and difficult trails, it is located in one of the lower valleys, as if hidden from the world. It was not until 1992 that this place was revealed to the world.



          So why is this place so popular that many tourists are willing to travel thousands of kilometers to TongGuDang every day? Because of its bizarre landscape. The whole place is covered with stones of different shapes and sizes. Scattered throughout the park, this place is also known as the “exotic planet”. Many visitors come here to see for themselves the world of this completely different planet.



          Looking at these stone scaffolds. I noticed that many of them look like stone cottages. It felt like they had been inhabited for a very, very long time. You can even vaguely see some roads on the ground. There are cows and horses grazing nearby, and everything is so peaceful and beautiful!



          Do you know why this incredible place is called the TongGuDang? It is because sometimes a mysterious sound, similar to the sound of a drum, can be heard there. The reason for this sound is caused by a stream flowing in the mountains. The water hits the rocks and makes this sound.



          Who would have thought that there are places in Guizhou that are so different from the landscape that humans are used to that they look like alien landscapes. We all have tried to go to Mars or the Moon, but our own planet is so amazing and beautiful that it is exactly the kind of place we need to know from all sides.



          TongGuDang really holds many mysteries that we need to protect. 



          Perhaps, the utterance “Be the change you want to see in the world” is a bit trivial but it works. How often do we see that people leave waste somewhere in the woods and rivers but not in the waste bin, for example? I've seen it here. The breathtaking scenery of TongGuDang is starting to fade because of the accumulated trash. Please throw trash where it shouldn't be left and don't kill the beauty of nature!




          貴州日報天眼新聞外籍主播:Kucherova Tatiana 

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